Tailored business support for you


I’ve had great fun running the @burton_road Instagram account over the last 18 months and getting to know some of the amazing people behind our local businesses. Part of that process has included setting up a local networking group and I’m excited to meet more of you at the next event in November. I’m very lucky to be self-employed myself and enjoy both the challenges and freedom that brings.

I set up my first business when I was still a student; a body positive company called Label, which had me running events across Scotland, at Islington Mill in Manchester and even at London Fashion Week. Now, my main business is an education company offering support around Manchester, but I also manage local events and provide marketing support.

I have worked as a freelance journalist and developed my marketing and business skills over a number of years, including work for the BBC, freelance projects and launching new businesses. I ran a marketing training for locals earlier this year and the positive feedback from that event, prompted me to start offering my services more widely.

If you are looking for business support, then please do get in touch and we can have a chat in more detail about how I am able to help. I offer a broad package of support but specialise in blending hyperlocal interpersonal solutions that help you grow and connect with a local audience, whilst also managing growth online, especially through social media channels.

I offer business growth strategies and mentoring, social media support and content creation and creating accountability around business plans amongst much else. I also offer more niche, one-off services such as website re-design. Every individual and business is different, so I understand the importance of creating tailored support that is accessible and engaging.

There are range of ways to access support – for some people ongoing monthly support is most productive, while for others – one off trainings that provide an energy boost are beneficial. Whatever works for you, the most important part of any business support is that you feel the relationship is right. With that in mind, I offer a free consultation to begin so that we can meet and discuss your business needs in more detail.

If you would like to find out more then pop a message across on @burton_road or burton.road.network@gmail.com