4. Networking for Neurodivergent Entrepreneurs


Networking evening for neurodivergent entrepreneurs to meet and connect in a low stim environment.

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This networking evening is for neurodivergent business owners! That could be anyone with:


✨ A special educational need, such as ADHD or ASD

✨ A mental health need, such as anxiety

✨ Experiences the world differently from neurotypical people


You absolutely don’t need a formal diagnosis to join! This is just about creating a safe space for people to network.


We’ve reserved the beautiful space at the back of Reserve Wines to ourselves and will be creating a low stim environment where you can meet and connect with other neurodivergent business owners! The venue is sound proofed and the guest list is capped at a dozen, so that you’re not meeting too many people in one go.


🎤 We’re very lucky to have Sam and Rob speaking from Respect for All, which provides specialist counselling for those with Learning Disabilities, Autism, and Families/Carers.

🎤 We also have Katie, the founder and director of Starling speaking. Starling run creative projects exploring positive identity and creative expression with neurodivergent young people.


The host has a masters in the Psychology of Education and has worked as an Intervention & Inclusion specialist so will be doing all she can to make this a safe space for you.

If you have any questions about the event then get in touch at burton.road.network@gmail.com or @burton_road