1 Manchester Business Network: skills swap to help you grow!


Grow your business with our skills swap networking event in Manchester.

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🤝 Identify what service(s) you have to offer

  • e.g. a headhot session, legal advice, tax review, IT support, marketing session… whatever it is that you/ your business offers


🚀 Identify what it is your business most needs

  • e.g. do you need social media support, a virtual assistant, a mentor/ coach or accountant?


💼 Come to the event ready to do a trade

  • e.g. you might offer someone a headshot session in exchange for your legal or financial advice.


🤯 Keep an open mind

  • Whilst it’s important to come to the skills swap with a clear idea of what you have to offer and what you’re hoping to get out of the event; it’s also helpful to keep an open mind. You may come across someone at the event, offering an amazing service that is exactly what your business needs, even though you hadn’t thought of it before.


🗣️ You can swap with more than one person

  • Just make sure you’re realistic about how much time you have to give. For example, if you’re a photographer with only a few spaces, you may need to cap the number of headshot sessions you can provide at 2 or 3 – therefore, only swapping with 2 or 3 other people.


💌 Everyone gets a testimonial too

  • After the swap is complete, each person will write a testimonial wherever the other business owner needs it most e.g. LinkedIn, Google My Business etc.


☘️ Generating growth through referrals

  • Each person will commit to trying to refer their partner on to three other people (more is amazing if you can manage it!) That way, we can all spread the word about the services that other amazing businesses are providing.


If you have any questions about the event then please get in touch at burton.road.network@gmail.com or @burton_road




🚀 One or more service(s) to help your business grow

💌 A testimonial about your own business

☘️ Three referrals to hopefully bring more work your way

🗣️ The chance to network with fellow entrepreneurs

🤝 Access to our Manchester Business Group on Facebook