4 Speed dating (with a twist!)


Join us for a relaxed single’s night to help you meet someone special in Manchester.


💕 We’re very excited to bring you our first speed dating event in the single’s night series! The age guide for this event is 25 – 40; however if you fall just out of this range and would still like to attend then drop us a message (@burton_road).


🍻 This speed dating event is taking place at The Elk on Burton Road in Didsbury, but it has a bit of a twist…


🗣️ For those of you who are new here, our events are all about creating community connections, finding someone special (romantically, and to make friends with fellow singles!) and to move beyond small talk.


🍀 With that in mind, we’ve decided to run the speed dating event in tables of four (two men and two women; with the two men swapping round each time.) Why? Well, there’s a few reasons…


1) A lot of people have told us that 1:1 can be quite intense and that a small group can help the conversation to flow better

2) It also means that you get to see how a potential partner is in general – not just with you, but how they interact with others

3) You get to ‘buddy up’ with someone for the evening, making it more light hearted and raising the chances that you also come away having made at least one single friend too, as well as meeting potential partners

4) We will sell equal numbers of men’s and women’s tickets but if anyone cancels on the day then this also avoids anyone being by themselves at any point

5) Most importantly, by having tables of four we can give you a little longer to sit and chat – nearly ten minutes with each little group. This raises the chance of you actually being able to get to know people and see if they’re a potential match.


🃏 Moving past small talk

On each table will be some conversation cards and also quiz boxes to introduce different topics of conversation. Each conversation card has three questions on it and we’d encourage you to pick one to chat about as a table, each time you swap round. It will help to shift the conversation onto more interesting areas and help you get to know more about someone than where they live and work.


📝 How will the evening work

7.30pm: please arrive promptly so you have time to grab a drink at the bar

7.45pm: we’ll get everyone seated in the first tables of four. You’ll have a sheet with everyone’s name and space to make some notes to help you remember who everyone is

7.55pm: we’ll do the first swap round of tables – moving men in their pairs so you meet everyone through the course of the evening

9.30pm: the host will collect in the sheets from everyone. There’s space to tick ‘happy to pass my number on’ – if both people tick yes, then you’ll get their number the next day


🥂 The event will end with free flow socialising at the bar and a chance to chat with everyone at the event. Although we’ll sort out number swaps the next day; you’re also totally welcome to ask for people’s details / arrange dates on the night.


👕 Dress code: whatever makes you feel most comfortable and confident! Come along in something that really shows off who you are.


N .B. If you feel anxious attending this event please do get in touch beforehand at burton.road.network@gmail.com or @burton_road Let me know if there’s any adjustments that can be made to make the event more comfortable for you. Please do just check in with the event host (Jo) if you need anything.

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