Top tips to look after yourself this winter


We recently had the great pleasure of meeting Anatalia who is both a GP and Level 7 Aesthetic Doctor. Here, she gives us the benefit of her wisdom when it comes to looking after our skin and wellbeing this winter.


What would be your top tips for staying healthy this winter?

The colder, darker days of winter affect our whole body, including our skin and mental health. It is so important to stay active and get out to see daylight, rather than just snuggle up inside with a hot chocolate (tempting as that may sound!) Something that easily fits into your day to day routine is best, such as a short walk at lunch.

Low mood and stress releases ‘inflammatory’ hormones in the body which can reduce healing, weaken immunity and reduce energy levels. Regularly incorporating exercise and daylight into our week helps to manage this.

‘Eating the rainbow’ will keep important vitamins and minerals up, which are beneficial for our body and our skin. We all crave higher calories and higher sugar foods! However, try to be aware of how much you are having and be mindful about healthier choices.

If you are going to choose one supplement to take it should definitely be Vitamin D. Throughout the whole year there often is not enough sunlight in the UK for our skin to synthesise this essential vitamin responsible for immunity, energy and repair.

How can we look after our skin in the colder months?

Whilst all of these factors affect our general health, there are a few extra skin-targeting tips.  Swinging between warmer temperatures inside and cold outside is so drying and irritating to our skin. Use regular good quality moisturisers, drop the temperature of your heating and avoid hot showers. Minimise products such as soaps that can strip the skin of its natural protective barrier and considering stepping down uses of some active skin care ingress’s if skin is feeling particularly sensitive.

How can people maintain treatments or manage skin care at home?

‘Consistency’ and ‘achievability’ are definitely two key words I would use here. Regular use of appropriate skin care and keeping up with in-clinic treatments is key when you are looking to achieve and maintain natural results. To be consistent, you have to set yourself realistic goals. If you think that a 6 step skin-care routine would put you off, I would rather you streamline it and love using your 3 ‘basics’ (cleanser, moisturiser and SPF).

It is also useful to remember there is no such thing as one size fits all. Finding a skin care and treatment plan that fits in with your unique individual needs, as well as your lifestyle, is key. Just because your friend or an influencer does something, doesn’t make it right for you.

Ask questions and empower yourself with knowledge about why you are seeing changes in your skin. Supplement this with knowing why things like sleep, diet and lifestyle factors contribute to what you are seeing. Finally, research which skin products are needed and how to use them. All of this will result in you knowing how to react and adapt to your skins needs through the seasons and the years.