The story behind Manchester’s new single’s nights


Tired of dating apps? Confused as to how people met before them? Completely over ghosting? Aren’t. We. All!

Our new single’s night series is designed to try and overcome some of those problems, in the most relaxed way possible. We pick a new venue each time, run by an independently owned Manchester business and create the right environment for you to meet someone special.

Can we guarantee you’ll find true love? No! Any single’s night that promises you they can are over-promising and under-delivering. What we can guarantee is a safe, consensual space where you’ll meet some like-minded locals, all of whom are also single.

Worst case scenario, you have a laugh and make some great new friends. Lots of those who’ve come to our events have hung out afterwards as a group. Best case scenario, you meet someone you have a connection with and take it further. From the three, we’ve run so far – we already have some adorable success stories; including one couple who rocked up to the third event just to say ‘thank you’ before their next date. We love to see it.

You can see inside our first one at Sante HERE, our second at Saison and our third at Taste of Honey.


So, how do our nights run?

Our first three have all followed a similar pattern. Our host will greet you, help you get settled in and introduce you to people. You can grab a drink if you’d like to!

Once everyone’s settled, we start a quiz in teams. You’re not singled out into couples straight away – you can chat with lots of people and relax into the evening. It’s a chance to show off your knowledge and also find out what other people know / are passionate about.

Our host will switch people round tables between rounds so that you have a chance to chat with everyone in the room. If you want to move sooner, then just catch her eye and she’ll take care of you!

After the quiz, you can grab a drink and then pick out what you’d like to play from our games table. We’ll set up a station with assorted board and card games. You can then pick the table you’d like to sit at based on what you’d like to play and who you’d like to keep talking to.

At the end of the evening, we’ll move the tables over to one side and allow free-flow socialising round the room. This is the time to exchange numbers, find out more about people and move around the room at your leisure.

Warning: we do match make! We’ll always check consent first but we’re hands on through the evening, helping to find the right person for you.

What’s coming up?

Our next event is on Thursday 27th for lesbian and pan/bisexual women and follows a very similar pattern to what’s described above.

After that, we have an extra special one on the 11th August! This is the first event where we have a dinner included and… drum role please!… a dance instructor coming. You’ll have the chance to salsa with everyone through the evening so you meet all the potential partners, and then we’ll be heading out for drinks afterwards.

That event has an age guide of 25 – 40 and our one after that in September is for 35 – 50 year olds. The age guide is there to help you find the best event for you, as most people tend to want to date within a certain decade or so. However, if you fall just outside this range, please do feel free to get in touch at or @burton_road

We look forward to seeing you at an event very soon!