Spotlight: Sports on Burton Road


Here are five local sports professionals offering everything from yoga to gym memberships. As with the other pieces in the ‘spotlight’ series – these recommendations are based on people I’ve met and interviewed. There are lots of other wonderful people working in the area, so if you’d like to give anyone a shout out then get in touch @burton_road Look after your physical and mental health this winter by keeping active and setting healthy habits for all year round!

#1 @yogawithjai

Meet the wonderful Jai, who offers a range of yoga classes and retreats. Her closest ones are hosted at Cavendish Primary School, just off Burton Road – but there are lots of other options too. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yoga student, she will help tailor classes to your goals. Her focus is  on wellbeing and mindful movement. Read our full interview with Jai HERE.

#2 @lindsay_hawksworth_pt

Meet Lindsay – a PT who tailors your fitness journey to your personal needs and goals. She’s now an EVO coach, helping people feel confident and get stronger. Evo Didsbury are group personal training specialists, helping you connect socially as well as maintain your fitness levels. Check out all the details HERE.

#3 @project4fitness 

Project 4 Fitness is the perfect place to get your health goals back on track. Whether you’re looking for strength training or cardio – they’re here to help! The team are so much fun and each one brings something unique to the space. Keep an eye on their socials for fitness inspo but also for their cracking comedy content.

#4 @wellbeing_rehab

Nic launched the wonderful Wellbeing & Rehab centre just over a year ago. This health hub offers a range of clinical & wellbeing services, fitness classes and physio. Their daily timetable includes everything from yoga to Pilates for a range of age groups and abilities. Read all about what they have to offer HERE

#5 @pbfitness_1

Last but by no means least is Petrina – an online fitness coach who will help you transform your body whilst eating food you love. She is co-hosting a fabulous fitness EVENT on the 26th November for those who don’t traditionally see themselves as ‘fitness people.’ It’s a great line up of talks so check out the details and see you there!