Spotlight: Burton Road's artists

We’re very lucky to have some incredible artists living and working along Burton Road. I’ve focused this article on those I’ve been lucky enough to meet and interview. There are many more! If you’d like to give a shout out to someone you think is a particular local talent, then get in touch at @burton_road 
Len has crafted the most wonderful drawings of Burton Road businesses and locals. He’s compiled these into a sketchbook which is coming out on the 10th November. The perfect Christmas present? I think it might be! See the full interview with Len HERE
Hannah is another wonderful local artists, whose colourful paintings of the area I am proud to have hanging in my home. To read more about her work and see her vibrant depiction of Burton Road, click HERE
Ben’s distinctive sketches are instantly recognisable and highlight businesses with the character they deserve. His portraits of Taste of Honey & Indique are two of my favourites but he has a popular account that covers much of Manchester. Read more about him HERE
I first met Emelia at Sett where she holds art classes and sells some of her watercolours. Her friendly, open themes make her paintings the perfect presents & she does pet portraits too! To see her & some examples of her work, click HERE.
Ashley’s colourful creations are instantly recognisable and cover scenes from around Greater Manchester and beyond. He specialises in landscape paintings but he has pictures of lots of local spots too. The full interview with him is HERE.
Many of you will have seen Kelly’s pictures around Manchester without knowing who to credit them to. She compiles photographs into colourful collages & can craft something truly unique for each individual. To read more about her work, click HERE.
James has drawn a wonderful sketch of the full length of Burton Road and, more recently, one of Lapwing Lane. Another one to add to the Christmas list! The monochromatic color scheme allows it to be easily styled in any room. To see the full piece, click HERE.
Support local artists! Next time you fancy treating yourself or are looking for a pop of colour to enliven your home, consider buying from one of these locals. We’re very lucky to live in such a talented area so let’s make the most of it.