Meet Burton Road's fabulous photographer


Meet the wonderful Emma Beaumont, whose stunning photography has captured our events along the road – as well as many others. She is always a joy to work with, so I decided it was high time to find out a little more about her creative work and background. Read on for our interview with Emma and to find out more about what she can offer you too:


What drew you to photography?

I’ve loved taking photos since I was a little girl; my parents still have thousands of negatives and photos in a cupboard at home – back then it was all film. For me, photography has always been about capturing moments that would otherwise go unseen; it’s like a memory capsule. 
I worked in corporate TV for nearly 20 years before taking the plunge into professional photography. It was a rather large decision but it felt so right that I just went with it!
Do you have a specialism or element of photography that you most enjoy?
I do mostly brand and lifestyle photography as well as events, weddings and some family shoots; they all have something in common usually – capturing moments in time. That’s what I love the most. Capturing those special moments of joy, finding peace and happiness in the mundane, capturing people passionate about what they do.
What would you like people to know about the way you work?
I’m super friendly, adaptable and always make sure there’s lots of fun! Because I love capturing natural moments so much, I don’t do a lot of structured posing, I like my work to be as natural and authentic as possible, to show the true person.
Emma land
 How do people get in touch with you and what can they book?
Email is always best usually – or you can book a call with me via my website Alternatively, drop me a message on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.  
What would you say to someone who’s nervous about booking a photographer?
I totally get it. Most of us don’t like having our photos taken! Finding the right photographer can very quickly help eliminate nerves though; so do your homework, don’t just go with the cheapest or the one closest to you, make sure you feel like they get YOU, and of course that you like their work. 

Virtually every client I have is nervous about having their picture taken, but I’ve had many tell me they forgot we were even shooting afterwards, because they were so relaxed and having fun! That is key. You need to feel relaxed, know your photographer understands you and have someone who makes you feel confident. 
Any exciting projects on the horizon?
I just did a lovely project at Mottram Hall for a Prevent Breast Cancer event which was gorgeous. I have some beautiful weddings coming up this year that I’m really looking forward to and an exciting trip to Chicago next month photographing some luxury hotels! 

I’m also doing some gorgeous baby and family mini sessions for Easter and spring that will be beautiful! I’m taking bookings for those now (there’s links in my social media profiles.)