Manchester’s intergenerational social: bringing us together 🐝


We’re very excited to be hosting our first intergenerational event at Sante on the 5th October. We’ll be bringing people together across a wide range of age groups to socialise and spend some time in a shared space. There are three tickets available for purchase so that we can make sure there’s an even spread of different age groups to enjoy thought provoking conversations.

The three age guides are 20 – 35, 35 – 50 and 50+ which will mean we have an incredible range of experiences in the room. We’ve deliberately kept age ranges broad, although this event is just for adults at the moment. As always, if you have any questions then get in touch at @burton_road or

What’s the goal of the event?

Our first intergenerational social aims to bring together locals from across a wide age spectrum, to get to know people they may not otherwise have met and learn from one another. We all have a wealth of life experience and it’s important to consciously take the opportunity to listen to and learn from others.

Increasingly, we socialise almost exclusively with people in a similar age bracket to ourselves but it’s always great to challenge our perspectives on things. Some of the conversations may be challenging but that is very much the intention. We appreciate that certain topics are emotionally charged but please do come to the event open to people who may think differently from you and whose life experiences may have led them to different conclusions.


How will the evening run?

We’ll start the evening with some informal chat and conversation cards to allow everyone to get to know one another. Some of the conversation cards are lighter questions, whilst others are more penetrating – it’s entirely up to you what you gravitate to through the evening.

We will then move on to an intergenerational quiz, designed to pool collective knowledge from different age groups and walks of life. The questions have been selected to pull knowledge from the 1950’s through to the present day so that everyone on the table has something to contribute to the team. We’re always at our strongest when we work together!

Afterwards, there will be some games (old and new!) to allow everyone the chance to play a well-loved favourite and / or learn something new. Think of classic games, retro choices and modern releases… you can pick out what you choose to play! This will provide a lovely opportunity for you to teach others how to play a game you already enjoy or to discover a new favourite to add to your gaming arsenal.

We will be moving people around tables throughout the evening so you get chance to chat with everyone, but the final part is open socialising so you can chat with everyone in the space.


Why should I come?

How many close friends do you have who are a decade (or more) away from your own age? If the answer is fewer than six then just think how much you have to gain from attending an event where you’ll be meeting people from a huge age spectrum.

This used to be normal! People of all generations used to socialise together but we’re increasingly divided – in many ways, but particularly by age. The split between where people live is huge – with most young people in cities and older generations in rural areas. Fortunately, Manchester is one of the most eclectic places to live and we have a wealth of intergenerational knowledge to tap into if we only chose to do so.