International Women’s Day: local spotlight


As we celebrate International Women’s Day and reflect on all the challenges and triumphs of recent years, it’s also important to shine a spotlight on successes closer to home. I’ve been very lucky to interview many of the owners running Burton Road’s businesses and the entrepreneurs in this area are dominantly female. Here are five particularly inspiring women, who deserve both our support and admiration.

Emma – Photographer

Emma is an incredible local photographer who has beautifully captured so many of our events. She specialises in wedding and proposal shoots – but captures all kinds of love stories (including friendships and that of entrepreneurs building a business they love!) She gets booked up far in advance so make sure you’re following her at @emmabeaumontphotography and get booked in with her soon.

Moharram – Jaks & Co

Moharram set up our areas independent estate agents and is offering so much more than you would get with a chain or large company. She gets to know everyone involved – whether it be the home owner or person looking to rent / buy and helps find the right match for people. If you’re looking to get your home valued or keeping an eye on the market then definitely reach out to Moharram and follow @jaksandco to keep up to date with the properties they have available. She also works with the amazing Anna Waters, the best mortgage advisor we’ve come across and someone able to simplify a process which can otherwise feel quite overwhelming.

Photo credit to Copper + Olive.

Nao – Social by Nao

Nao is pure sunshine and, if you’re running a business yourself – you need her on your team. She’s a social media manager who goes above and beyond in everything she does. If you’re looking for someone to help with your socials then she’s the woman for you. Keep an eye on her beautiful Instagram account, @socialbynao for lots of helpful tips and advice on how to grow online.

Lisa – Acacia Training

Lisa spoke at our very first networking event about the importance of diversity in business and she’s done so much to support other entrepreneurs around Manchester. She is currently the Marketing Director for Acacia training but is also still very much involved with We Are Burn, an award winning black united representation network. She’s possibly one of the busiest people I know and that’s amongst a list of formidable women who are running multiple businesses. Lisa is definitely one to keep an eye on!

Nic – Wellbeing & Rehab

Last but by no means least is Nic, who launched the Wellbeing & Rehab centre just around the corner from Burton Road. Nic is a physio and has now grown her own holistic wellbeing centre that treats physical challenges over the long term to allow for proper recovery. She also does a lot to train and support other businesses in protecting and promoting wellbeing.