Inside Didsbury Counselling and Therapy Centre


It’s easy to walk by the Didsbury Counselling and Therapy Centre on Burton Road without noticing it, but it’s a fantastic space and we’re very lucky to have access to such talented professionals so close by. One of their team is Kirsty, who recently took the time to fill me in on her role as a therapist and how the Didsbury centre works. If you’ve ever considered counselling for yourself or a loved one, then this is for you.


How long have you been a therapist?

I have been working in private practice for the last 3 years, having made the decision to set up on my own. Working independently enables me to have a more flexible working day and better meet the needs of my clients. I  now work evenings and early mornings, as well as three full days a week.

What would you most like people to know about therapy?

All sorts of people come to therapy. I see lots of students, couples, individuals, people of all ages who need a space to talk. Therapy is about creating a confidential and judgement-free space.

It can be scary to think about coming to therapy. Lots of people don’t know what to expect, how to act, what to say and may feel overwhelmed in the first session. These are all totally normal feelings. I would love people to know that, if they are thinking about therapy, they should absolutely book a session and see how they feel.


Who is therapy for?

Therapy is for everyone who feels they need a space to talk things through. It provides a place that is not friends or family or colleagues, a place that can be just for yourself. One of my clients calls therapy ‘ the secret room’ where she comes to tell me all the things she never speaks about with anyone else.

It can make you feel lighter, freer, and help with challenges such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, trauma, relationship issues, stress, confidence, sex and sexuality, work related problems and a huge number of other things that limit you becoming the person you want to be.

How does the Burton Road centre work?

Didsbury counselling centre has many different types of therapists, so there are lots of specialists working there. You will receive a thorough assessment of needs followed by a matching with the most suitable therapist for you:

What’s the best way for people to get in touch?

You can get in touch through my website, here: I offer a free half an hour chat to discuss your needs and make sure I am the right therapist for you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.