Having a party? Private spaces to hire from local businesses!


Seven spaces to throw a private party on (or very near!) Burton Road. They’re (mostly) free to hire and owned by local businesses who go above and beyond to make your night special. Their websites are linked so do check them out and get in touch if you’re looking for somewhere to throw a bash:


Santè is a VERY popular choice for private parties along Burton Road, and rightly so. Their function room above the restaurant can accommodate around 40 guests, (slightly fewer for a sit down dinner) and boats a beautiful view of Burton Road. They have a separate sound system up there so you can enjoy your own playlist and they will take care of everything from drinks to food and beyond.

George Charles

George Charles has a lovely function room downstairs from their main restaurant area. It’s often in use as extra tables are needed so get in touch early if you’d like to book this space. It has a very cosy feel with atmospheric red lighting and beautiful cityscapes on the wall. It’s also the home of Unagi’s kitchen, so if you’re a sushi fan this is a no-brainer for you.

Reserve Wine

If you’re looking for a more intimate venue then Reserve Wine is the dream location. It can comfortably seat 12 guests on one table or there’s room for around 16 guests at most. Their sound proofed dining room at the back of the shop is just stunning and you’re in safe hands where drinks are concerned. Their wine list is to die for, but they also have a selection of gins and whiskey.

Reserve Wines-10

Taste of Honey

Sshhh! Please keep this one a secret, as Taste of Honey have a Secret Garden out the back of the deli. It’s currently painted with a whimsical Alice in Wonderland meets Netherland theme, which perfectly encapsulates the joy of this place. It’s the perfect spot for a party as, Penny, takes care of everything from food and drink through to party boxes. Ideal for Spring and Summer parties!


Wanago also have a spacious upstairs function room that has it’s own bar. If you do use this space, make sure you ask if it’s possible to have another waiter up there to staff the bar to enable you to make the most of it and double check the sound system before going in!

Wine & Wallop

Venturing over to Lapwing Lane, Wine & Wallop are also a great choice for private parties. Above their mezzanine floor, at the very top they have a lovely room tucked away. This also has it’s own bar and can comfortably fit around 50 people. It gets booked up quickly so make sure you get in touch if you think this is the space for you.


Love Volta, and love the food – but have saved this one for last as it’s the only venue locally that charges for use of their upstairs function room. It is, undoubtedly, a lovely spot though and if you’re looking for that exclusivity then this is the place for it. A similar design to their downstairs bar and you can liaise with the kitchen if you’d like to order some of their delicious nibbles up there.