How to get (and stay!) fit & healthy


Greg from TBH Manchester shares his wisdom about training and how to build healthy habits that are sustainable. From finding what you love, to working alongside a coach – reaching your health goals (physical & mental) just got a little easier.


How long have you been a PT and online coach?

Sport, health and fitness has always been a prominent aspect of my life. My sporting background has been through swimming, then moving onto Swim Coaching for 5 years; before making the full switch to Personal Training and Online Coaching 2 years ago. TBH as a whole has now been running for nearly 4 years, with myself leading the Manchester branch, and Tom leading the Nottingham branch. We have recently opened up a TBH gym in Nottingham, with plans  in place for a Manchester gym to open later this year.

What made you want to help people in this way? 

I have always been a leader of teams, squads and now head up my own branch of a business. One of my main aims is to help people improve themselves, as I have always benefited from great coaching throughout my sporting career. I loved my sport, so initially wanted to show others what great rewards both internally and externally, from getting (and staying) fit and healthy. Seeing people progress and improve themselves through both physical and mental fitness makes me feel like a proud dad!

Is there any advice you can offer people who are looking to improve their fitness?

My initial advice for people would be to not go too hard too fast. So many people have that sudden spurt of energy and think “I want to go and lose weight, or get fit, or get stronger” and go from doing nothing to everything. Yes, you might feel great that first week when you are super motivated, but in truth, you’re going to burn yourself out. If you are looking to drop some fat, get yourself into a small calorie deficit rather than going all out and eating next to nothing. Maybe you’re new to training – instead of going from 0 sessions a week to working out every day, why not just aim to increase your daily steps, and do 2 workouts. You can always increase it week by week!

I would also recommend you do things you ACTUALLY enjoy. What is the point in going for a run if you absolutely hate running? Find something you enjoy, this way you will be more likely to actually stick to it, and you will look forward to it rather than dreading it. Finally – preparation is key. Whether it is planning workouts, nutrition, free time, social events, no matter what it is, make sure you are prepped and planned and you will make your life a hell of a lot easier,


What would you say to someone who’s nervous about getting started with you or never explored their fitness before?

At TBH, we pride ourselves on being super friendly, with an unjudgmental approach. Being a ‘Mobile Personal Trainer’ the killer advantage that I have is that we can workout in your own private space. There is no judgement from external people, no gym fees and no travel. I come to you, whether that is inside your house, in your garden, on your driveway, and we workout from there. At the end of the day you have access to two coaches by joining TBH. We work together, train together, win together and learn together.

What would you most like people to know about you?

I’m a Southerner up North! Don’t be expecting a northern accent so we will be training on the grass, not grass (as a southerner would say!!) I like to think alongside my Personal Training, I’m a funny, relaxed person so we will have a laugh at the same time – a combo of hard training and some jokes will make the sessions fly by. My university background is through Sport Coaching and Psychology, so alongside our sessions, we also work a lot on the Mental Health aspect. We don’t neglect anything or anyone!

How can people get in touch with you?

The best way to get in contact with me is the following:

Mobile No: 07802823401


Facebook: Greg Buckle

Business Facebook: TBH Manchester – Personal Training, Bootcamps and Online Coaching

Instagram: @gregbuckletbh