Burton Road’s Entrepreneurial Women


We’re very lucky to live in a place with so many inspirational business owners and entrepreneurs – many of whom are women. Over the last 18 months or so, I’ve had the great pleasure of interviewing many of these female business owners. Here are five who, for different reasons, have stood out for me:

#1 @stylisa

Lisa spoke at our very first networking event on the importance of diversity in business – something she is leading the way on in her own life and business practice. She is now the Marketing & Inclusion Director for Acacia Training but, when we first met, she was managing We Are Burn – and she is still a Director there for The Black United Representation Network. She’s one of those amazing women where you just sit and listen and wonder how they have time for it all. Having said that, what really made her a stand out interview for me was her effervescent personality. Lisa is such fun to be around – full of energy and as ready to listen, as she is to share her own stories and opinions. You can read about our first meeting over on Instagram, HERE.

#2 @lorrainewoodfood

Lorraine moved to Manchester just before the pandemic – bringing her amazing talents for cooking and catering with her. When we first met, she was curating a delicious range of salads and cakes at Withington Public Hall and she has now expanded that menu further as chef at the redoubtable Taste of Honey. She started out with Alistair Little and has worked at many famous places including Gail’s Artisan Bakery and The Cow. We’re very lucky to have her here – so make sure you pop in to Taste of Honey soon and say hello to Lorraine. You can read the full interview HERE.

#3 @jodiesatmds

Jodie offers everything from fabulous nails and relaxing massages through to eye lash extensions. She’s based at the back of MDs Hair & Beauty so if you’ve missed her so far – it’s definitely the time to pop in. She’s created a beautifully cosy space for all to enjoy and can offer excellent advice if, like me, you’re not exactly sure what it is you’d like to done to your nails. She’s completely down to earth and an excellent person to have a cuppa with while you enjoy a little pampering. Read more details about Jodie, HERE.

#4 @alittleoftenmcr

Belle runs a lovely little charity called, A Little Often. She collects supplies for different groups depending on what is needed at any given time. That might be art supplies for schools or kid clubs, sanitary products for women or clothing/ toiletries for refugees. Read more details about her work HERE and pop her a message if you’ve got things you’d like to donate!

#5 @yogawithjai

Last but by no means least is the lovely Jai who runs yoga classes, retreats and workshops. If you’re looking for a way to relax, get fit & flexible and take note of what your body needs – then she’s the perfect guide. You can read the full interview with her HERE and it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for her local classes.

It goes without saying that there are many, many more women in the local area who deserve a spotlight on their talents and the time they put into their businesses. Keep an eye on this blog, Word On The Street, for more recommendations of people, places and things to enjoy in our local community.

A shot from our recent Women In Business Networking lunch. Photo credits to Emma Beaumont.