Bring on 2024 with Camilla's coaching

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Let’s make 2024 the year you learn to love your career! Camilla’s coaching offers are designed to help you grow in your job, go after what you really want and feel amazing doing it. She has loads of great advice and inspiration over on her instagram page,  @camilladeburghecoaching and you can learn more about what she does below:


Could you tell me about the coaching support you offer?

I work with high achieving women who want to love their career and make their voice heard. My key areas of support are helping my clients to achieve their next promotion, find their dream career (and make it happen!), and master key skills that make them a go-to expert in their role. A lot of my work also includes helping women to overcome their battles with confidence and/ or imposter syndrome. 

I’ve channelled my years of corporate and coaching experience into my signature 1:1 coaching packages which cater to a variety of time and budget needs. I also love to work with businesses by providing 1:1 coaching for employees, coaching/ mentoring training, and guest-speaking.  

What motivated you to make the transition into coaching? 

I worked for 14 years as an urban designer (think architect meets town planner!) and had lots of highs and lows during this time in my career. It was my sole ambition to achieve a senior leadership position before I was 30 and for me, life was work. This came at the cost of my mental health, which was at breaking point after years of burnout and putting crazy amounts of pressure on myself. 

After some serious soul searching I realised that my mental health and happiness were more important than any career achievement. I also realised that I’d loved all the years of supporting and mentoring junior colleagues and watching them succeed. Therefore, coaching seemed like the perfect career path to take – I’ve never looked back!

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Why is it important to you to support women in particular in their careers?

It is widely documented that women are disadvantaged in their journey to management and senior roles, in comparison to men. Imagine climbing a ladder, but always coming to find the first rung or two being broken; it’s so much harder, if not impossible to climb. That represents the challenges that women face in terms of their career progression; I’m here to support you to make it past those broken rungs and reach the top of your ladder!

The resultant impact of the challenges that women face in the workplace is that stats point to nearly 80% of women saying they regularly lack confidence when it comes to their career. My passion and purpose is to do everything I can to help this research and stats change, especially after spending my working life in a male dominated industry and experiencing the learning and challenges that this brings first hand. 

Are there any key pieces of advice you’d like more women to know? 

Every woman should be able to feel amazing turning up to work each day and know the value that they add to their role. You don’t have to tolerate hating your career, or at best, it being good, or OK. You deserve to love your career and you deserve to be successful. That includes feeling confident to talk about your salary and future promotions, and take full credit for your hard work. 

What would you most like people to know about your business or how you work? 

I believe that loving your career goes hand in hand with having fun, positivity and feeling free to be yourself. This isn’t just a great mindset to develop for career success, but life too! Any of my work will always lead with compassion, kindness, and draw on my years of career and coaching experience. I genuinely love supporting anyone in their career and seeing you succeed – it makes me so happy!

How can people get started with you? 

I offer a free 30 minute chemistry call that can be booked via contacting my email address or clicking the bio link on my Instagram. We can say hello, discuss how you’d like to move forward in your career and I’m always happy to answer any questions you may have. We can then go from there!