Behind the camera with Copper + Olive


Go behind the camera with Laura, founder of Copper + Olive. Laura specialises in family and motherhood photography, with a focus on story telling and natural light. Find out more about her business, shoots and studio on Burton Road below:

What started your love of photography? 

I always had an interest in photography growing up – my dad had a good camera and was usually in charge of taking the family photos and films through the years, documenting each little milestone. And my grandad, an artistic soul, always encouraged me to make good use of light to improve my photos. The drive to take beautiful photos only increased over the years.

Why did you choose to specialise in children and family shoots?

I cherish the fact that my childhood was so heavily documented through photographs. When I realised that family photography was an area I could realistically focus on, it was a lightbulb moment. This was exactly what I was meant to do.
When I had my daughter, Marnie, it felt even more right. I could pour my sentiment for family photos into my work, and give families lasting, beautiful memories which they’ll cherish forever. One day, in years to come, the children that I’ve photographed will look at the photos I’ve taken with an overwhelming sense of nostalgia and love – and that is everything!
How did you transition to being fully self employed?
I originally went down the academic route to qualify as a lawyer and spent ten years in practice. It was the type of career I was always encouraged to pursue and, whilst it was an incredible chapter of my life working in the city with amazing people, the job itself just didn’t sit right with me. 
After my own wedding, I bought my camera on a whim and started second shooting weddings the next week. I worked alongside other photographers and picked up everything as I went along. I would shoot for free alongside my full time job and build up experience and skills. I also tried a little family photography by myself and instantly loved it. 
When I had my daughter in January 2021 (mid full-lockdown), it became crystal clear that then was the time to jump in with both feet. I already had a solid portfolio and the desire to run my own business as a photographer, so I handed in my notice and went in full steam ahead.

What would you most like people to know about your work?

My work is often described as warm, dreamy and sentimental – and this is what I have always wanted to portray through my work. I am a sentimental soul and a sucker for the details. My shoots are very relaxed and mainly family-led. I use gentle direction to get the best photos – guide towards the best light, and encourage fun and love.

Most people say to me before their shoot that they are not great with having their photos taken, then comment afterwards that it was so relaxed and easy. I like to see the magic in the everyday and show that through my work.

How can people get booked in with you?

You can always find the link to my current online diary and booking system through the bio link on my Instagram. Until around 23 March 2024, as well as my usual outdoor and at-home shoots, I have a beautiful, natural light pop up studio on the wonderful Burton Road.

You can also find the separate booking link in my bio too. You can always drop me a message through my website or Instagram if you’d love to have a chat about a shoot first!